Courtney, Customer Service Representative

Courtney is from Nashville, TN, and grew up a military brat, finally settling in Maine in her teens. She lives in Portland with her husband and their young daughter. After a few years of working as a pharmacy technician, she shifted gears and CBVH welcomed her aboard the team in late 2018. 

She is passionate about creating an inviting environment for pets and owners alike, educating clients (especially new pet owners!), and loves having the opportunity to be a great first impression for the hospital. 

With all due respect and adoration to dogs, Courtney is most definitely a cat person. Her family currently has two feline friends – Cleopatra and Tito. At any given time during her childhood, there were at least three family cats. Courtney’s love for animals truly stems from her mother. She helped transport dozens of rescue dogs in Tennessee and they had several foster pups in their home.