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 Paw-ing It Forward with Our PetDesk Loyalty Program!

If you’ve yet to download PetDesk, our full-service pet care app now’s the purrfect time to do so. With PetDesk, you can make appointments, request prescription refills, set reminders and to-do lists, view our hours, and track vaccinations—all from your smartphone.

PetDesk seamlessly syncs with your phone’s calendar, and once you download the app, it can also send you text and email reminders for your upcoming appointments and any overdue vaccinations. Plus, with PetDesk and our generous loyalty program, you’ll be rewarded just for being the awesome pet parent that you are!

You’ll earn 50 points just for signing up. After that, every time you visit the hospital, you earn points that you can then redeem for the services and discounts below:

  • 400 points: $5 off your next visit
  • 800 points: $10 off your next visit
  • 800 points: one free dose of free and tick preventative
  • 1000 points: 10% off services during your next visit
  • 1000 points: 50% off your pet’s next physical exam
  • 1250 points: one free nail trim
  • 1500 points: one free anal gland expression
  • 2000 points: one free physical exam

If you have any questions about PetDesk or our loyalty program, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (207) 761-8033 today!

Download the PetDesk app for free below.

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